Looking to Attain Warden Training in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, or Perth? Obtain Fire Warden Training through Chubb Fire & Security

Fire safety is more than just smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. To truly protect your business from the threat of fire, you also need to have people on staff who are trained to take charge in emergency fire situations. Wardens are an extra risk control measure that can assist in every stage of fire emergency management, from implementing procedures for exiting the building in case of fire, to leading fire drills and identifying existing fire hazards in the building.

Sign up for Fire Warden Training in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne or Brisbane, with Chubb Fire & Security

Every good business needs a warden on staff to protect the safety of its employees. At Chubb Fire & Security, we provide fire warden training in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and throughout Australia. We can help members of your staff better understand fire hazards and risk control measures, and provide them with the skills they need to lead drills and evacuations. 

These fire warden training courses meet Australian Standard AS3745 requirements and are available in flexible formats, either in-person or online. No matter where your business is, or what your fire warden's schedule looks like, Chubb can arrange a fire warden training opportunity that works for all parties. Our courses are also available in both accredited and non-accredited versions.

If you are interested in learning more about Chubb's warden training in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or throughout Australia, please visit the course offerings page on our website. Information about our standard fire warden courses can be found here while details about our more intensive chief fire warden class are available here.

Why Choose Chubb Fire?

If you or one of your employees is interested in pursuing fire warden training in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, or Brisbane, you should choose Chubb Fire & Security because of our experience and commitment to fire safety. Our team has a combined 185 years of experience in protecting people, property, and assets not just from fire, but also from other security threats. We offer comprehensive fire safety solutions, ranging from design, installation and commissioning of fire alarm and sprinkler systems, to the aforementioned training opportunities. We are also pleased to offer our services to clients of any size, with projects ranging from small to complex commercial fire safety systems.

Do you have any questions for Chubb Fire & Security, either about our fire warden training courses or our other products and services? Visit our website contact page to find the appropriate phone number for your enquiry.